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Practice Schedule

Itinerary for Saturday 11/22 at Hershey Stadium:

 I am in need of four chaperones for the game this Saturday.  If you would like to attend the game to help with the band please let me know ASAP.  Duties are minimal.  We will be back early enough for students to have plenty of downtime before the Drama Performance at the P.A.C. that evening (which we should all attend).


We are the home team for this event and will play the National Anthem.


10:10am: Report to the Band Room

  • No uniforms

  • Dress warmly

11:00am: Arrive at Hershey Stadium

  • Unload

  • Move to stands

11:15am: Warm-Up

12:00pm: Game Starts

2:30pm: Game ends (This time is approximant).

3:30pm: Arrive back at Camp Hill HS. (Approximate)


Please READ: 

  • We will take halftime off for food and comradery.  We will play all four quarters (when on defense).

  • Dress Warmly!

  • Wear Camp Hill Apparel  (We can be the incognito Camp Hill Marching Band)

  • Seat covers will not be placed on the seats. 

  • Bring a fun hat.

  • Be loud and have a great time!

11/19 Wednesday: Drum line 3:00 4:00pm.

11/20 Thursday: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Jazz Band and Holiday Cheer:

Jazz Band rehearsals will be begin when we return from winter break on Tuesdays after school from 3:00pm - 4:30pm.  There will be two holiday cheer rehearsals, December 2th  and December 4th from 3:00pm - 4:00pm in the band room.

District Band:

If you asked to be part of district band auditions should have received an email from me with your registration confirmation.  If you have not, please email or stop by as soon as possible so we can sort that out.

Smart Music:

Students have had some questions regarding how I will use SmartMusic as a factor in their grade.  After a student submits an exercise I will listen and give a final grade.  The percentage the computer gives the student is NOT factored into the grade of the assessment.  I always take time to listen to each submission and offer feedback either via Smartmusic or in the students next sectional/lesson. 


If you have not turned in a deposit and permission slip for the band tour to Virginia Beach and you plan on going you need to communicate with Mr. Palmquist immediately. 

Chipotle Fundraiser is on November 24th from 4:30 - 8:30!

Virginia Beach Band trip: This is scheduled for April 9th - 12th. Final information can be found here and on the Forms page.  Deposit of $140 and permission (download here) slips are due by November 3.

Fundraising is a lot of work - every organization is trying to raise more money. I believe the band has one of the easiest fundraisers available - the Giant and Karns gift card program - everyone goes grocery  shopping - these gift cards can purchase other gift cards that Giant or Karns sells, such as Amazon, Visa, McDonalds, Barnes and Noble - think holiday gifts - if you buy a $100 gift card, you get $100 at the store but the band makes $5 - you can purchase the cards at Orrstown Bank drive thru or you can email Deb Wasileski at and she will deliver!  If everyone asks one family member, one friend or neighbo - we could earn a lot of money for our band program! It can't get any easier than this when it comes to fundraising. Thank you for your support!

Band Director's Contact Information:

Eric Palmquist

Director of Instrumental Music

Camp Hill Middle/High School



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